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To work for social change to create a supportive environment within our communities and to provide a public voice for all families, especially those subjected to social, economic, and legal discrimination due to sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.

Love Makes A Family, Inc. has members nationwide and a nationally distributed newsletter. Our speaker training program is offered nationally, and members around the country are involved in working within their own communities and schools to advance the organization's purpose.

We also now have a support groups in Vancouver Washington, Washington County, and are affiliated with the Dad's Group. We also have an advisory Board member who does public speaking on behalf of Love Makes A Family in England.

Love Makes A Family
PO Box 5163
Portland OR 97208-5163



Love Makes A Family was founded in 1992 and incorporated in 1993 when a racially diverse group of sexual minorities in Oregon and Southwest Washington came together to oppose anti-gay Ballot Measure Nine.


The mission of Love Makes A Family is to work for social change: to create a supportive environment within our communities and to provide a public voice for all families, especially those subjected to social, economic and legal discrimination due to sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.

Financial Information

Running an organization that is committed to full inclusion and empowerment of low income people can be challenging. Contributions arrive in amounts of several dollars to several thousand dollars -- and we need every one of those dollars and not put them in a poubelle infrarouge !


Our programs are aimed at strengthening our families and mobilizing increasing numbers of sexual minority parents and youth to speak out publicly and organizes support within their communities in Portland, OR, rural Oregon and Washington, and beyond. We believe that organizing sexual minority youth, parents, and their children in schools is critical to building public understanding of discrimination against LGBT people.

Family Support Groups

Love Makes A Family's family groups provide peer support for sexual minority (LGBTQ) families. Everyone is welcome. We have two support groups, Portland Metro and Clark County (Vancouver, WA). Each group meets monthly and childcare and children's activities are available while adults have the opportunity to talk. Conversation topics range from school issues to parenting, community issues to relationships. Our groups provide important modeling for our children (and ourselves) that our families are natural, normal, and numerous. Kids have fun, meet other kids from sexual minority families, and have a safe place to talk about what it's like being part of a sexual minority family in a sometimes hurtful world. Snacks, childcare, and children's activities are all provided free of charge (donations accepted but not required). We are also affiliated with The Dad's Group which meets twice a month..

The Metro Portland Group meets the last Friday of every month from 6-7:45 PM at Augustana Lutheran Church, NE 15th at Knott. For more information, call the Love Makes a Family office at 503-228-3892
The Clark County Group meets the third Friday of the month from 6:30-8 PM at the Children's Home Society, 309 W. 12th, Vancouver, WA. For more information, call 360-695-1325
The Dad's Group (a support group for gay, bi, trans & questioning Dads) meets the first Tuesday and the third Wednesday (unless the month starts on Wednesday, in that case we will meet on the forth Wednesday). Meetings are held in a private residence from 7-9 PM. For more information, call Mike at 503-236-8339


This year, youth identified a need to organize and build political power among queer youth of color, so the Youth/Schools Coordinator position was expanded to a full-time position dedicated to this work. MultiQueer will create a network of queer youth of color who are interested in school based organizing. The objectives are to build queer students' of color leadership and to build public support for the rights of sexual minority students within Oregon's public schools. One project will focus on military recruiting and the military recruiting ban. MultiQueer youth will be linked up with students active in gay/straight alliances in the greater Portland area. For more information, call Jaye at 503-228-3892.

Middle School Transitions Project

We've also noticed that another area that has not had enough support is Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and Trans families with children in middle school. Sima Teherani, our AmeriCorp member, will coordinate a project bringing together middle school and incoming 5th grade families to address teasing, harassment, and invisibility of sexual minorities in middle schools. This project will also educate teachers and administration on the need to recognize family diversity of all kinds. This project will begin at Fernwood, DaVinci, and Mt. Tabor Middle Schools, and we hope to branch out once these pilot projects are underway. For more information, call Amber at 503-228-3892.

The Sexual Minority Services Project Drop-In Center

This center, in Vancouver, WA, offers a safe place to meet with friends for free refreshments, discussion, board games, etc. The center includes a small library as well as extensive information and referral services in the Southwest WA area. Project representatives are available and will gladly set up appointments for individual peer counseling and/or individual domestic violence peer advocacy. Families and individuals of all ages welcome. For more information, call 360-695-1325 x332 for current hours or to schedule individual support.

Public Speaking

We can provide people to speak about sexual minority families and sexual minority family issues at schools, congregations, organizations, business, or public events. We also offer a speaker training workshop, Opening Hearts and Minds, that teaches participants to use non-violent speech techniques to create community dialogues about sexual orientation. We also have available the Love Makes A Family photo-text exhibit, a beautiful display of sexual minority families. For more information, call Bonnie at 503-228-3892

Referral Services

We can provide professional referrals for a range of needs. Call us for tips about marriage, adoption (legal ref's and agencies), counseling, crisis support, non-violent parenting, friendly churches, or school advocacy. For more information, call Love Makes a family at 503-228-3892


Late on Monday afternoon, County Commissioner Lisa Naito released a statement confirming Multnomah County's plans to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. It is expected that licenses will be issued starting Wed., March 3, as early as 10AM. There has already been extensive media coverage.

Marriage license can be obtained online or at the County Clerk's office. The clerk's office is located at 501 SE Hawthorne Street, Room 175. Office hours are 8AM-4:45PM. Telephone number is (503)988-3027. Website address is: www.co.Multnomah.or.us/dbcs/assess_tax/marr_lic.shtml

Both applicants must complete and sign the application. However, anyone can pickup or return the application. The application must be typed or printed in BLACK INK (blue does not microfilm). All information requested must be provided or the application will be rejected. It will be helpful to have picture ID, and to know the dates or approximate dates of the dissolution of any previous marriages. The application must be returned before the wedding, in person, with $60 cash or certified funds.

There is not a residency requirement to be married in Oregon.


Oregon law requires a three day waiting period before a marriage can take place after a license has been received. However, this waiting period may be waived by the Deputy County Clerk in Multnomah County. The waiver must be signed before the marriage license is issued.

After the marriage license is issued, it becomes effective three days later. It remains effective for 60 days. The license can be used anywhere in the state of Oregon. Your marriage can be officiated by:

A religious leader who is authorized by a religious congregation/organization
A judge. A list of judges is available online at Multnomah County's website(address is above) or from the Marriage License Unit.
Two persons 18 years old or older are required to witness the solemniztion of the marriage.

Following the marriage ceremony, the completed License and Record of Marriage must be returned to the Multnomah County Marriage License Section within ten working days of your marriage. The officiating religious leader, judge or county clerk is responsible for returning the License and Record of Marriage. There will be no record of the marriage until the completed License and Record of Marriage has been returned to the Marriage License Unit.

It is unclear at this time if judges will be available to officiate at ceremonies tomorrow. Most judges require appointments for ceremonies in chambers. Some will do out-of-chambers ceremonies. Some charge additional fees for out-of-chambers ceremonies.

Additional information about the legal effect of marriage for same sex couples is available through the National Lesbian Rights Center. www.nclrights.org/publications/qanda-sflicenses021204.htm

Come to these events and join the organizing

  1. March 7, 1 PM, Ainsworth United Church of Christ, NE 30th and Ainsworth.
  2. Family Diversity Potluck: Come celebrate our families. Talk to your community about the support your family needs as we once again become the focus of political attacks. Hear the latest update on the struggle for marriage equality. sponsored by the community of Welcoming Congregations, Love Makes A Family, Basic Rights Oregon, and PFLAG.
  3. Join Love Makes a Family's Freedom to Marry Project. Contact the office call us at 503-228-3892 to learn how you can participate in public education.
  4. Couples who are interested in pursuing legal marriage rights should contact Love Makes a Family.
  5. For continuing updates and discussion, join the Oregon Marriage Equality list.
  6. Become a member of Love Makes A Family, Inc.! Send your check or credit card pledge to Love Makes A Family, PO Box 5163, Portland, OR 97208

Regularly scheduled events

The Metro Portland Group meets the last Friday of every month from 6-7:45 PM at Augustana Lutheran Church, NE 15th at Knott. For more information, call the Love Makes a Family office at 503-228-3892
The Clark County Group meets the third Friday of the month from 6:30-8 PM at the Children's Home Society, 309 W. 12th, Vancouver, WA. For more information, call 360-695-1325
The Dad's Group (a support group for gay, bi, trans & questioning Dads) meets the first Tuesday and the third Wednesday (unless the month starts on Wednesday, in that case we will meet on the forth Wednesday). Meetings are held in a private residence from 7-9 PM. For more information, call Mike at 503-236-8339

Resource Guide

We believe that family strength is not determined by structure and that our community is strengthened by sharing our diverse family values. We have compiled a listing of community, family and youth service agencies to help students and families find the resources to build on strengths, address concerns and provide for a rich opportunity of culture and activities.

Recreation Resources

Boys and Girls Clubs
Phone 503 232 0077
Website: bgclubportland.org

Phone 503 224 7800
Website: campfire.org

Community Music Center
Phone 503 823 3177
Website: parks.ci.portland.or.us/Parks/ComMusicCenter.htm

Crossroads/Culture on Tour
Phone 503 299 9111

NW Children's Theater
Phone 503 222 2190
Website: nwcts.org

Phone 503 797 4000
Website: omsi.edu

Oregon Children's Theater
Phone 503 228 9571
Website: octc.org

Oregon Extension 4-H
Phone 503 725 2044
Website: 4-h.org

Police Activities League
Phone 503 823 0250
Website: portlandpolicebureau.com/pal.html

Portland Parks
Phone 503 823 2223
Website: portlandparks.org

Portland Parks Aquatic Centers
Phone 503 823 5130
Website: portlandparks.org

Portland Youth Philharmonics
Phone 503 223 5939
Website: portlandyouthphil.org

Phone 503 294 7400
Website: ywca-pdx.org


AMA/Neighborhood Connection
Phone 503 285 0493

Business Youth Exchange
Phone 503 228 8617

Literary Arts
Phone 503 227 2583
Website: literary-arts.org

McCoy Academy
Phone 503 281 9597
Website: oregonoutreach.org

Oregon Counsil for Hispanic Advancement
Phone 503 228 4131
Website: ocha-nw.org

Police Activities League
Phone 503 823 0250
Website: portlandpolicebureau.com/pal.html

Self Enhancement Inc.
Phone 503 249 1721

Teatro Milagro
Phone 503 236 7253
Website: milagro.org

Multnomah County Youth and Family Centers

El Programo Hispano
Phone 503 669 8350

Family Works
Phone 503 256 2330
Website: lcsnw.org/

North Portland Youth/Family
Phone 503 285 0627

Urban League of Portland
Phone 503 280 2600
Website: ulpdx.org

Westside Youth/Family
Phone 503 244 2292
Website: nhweb.org

The BeeHive
Website: thebeehive.org/portland

Housing Connections
Website: housingconnections.org

Counseling/Support for Youth and Families

Dougy Center
Phone 503 775 5683
Website: grievingchild.org

Men's Resource Center
Phone 503 235 3433

Metro Family Services
Phone 503 228 7238

Morrison Center
Phone 503 232 0191
Website: morrisoncenter.org

Neighborhood Health Clinic
Phone 503 288 5995

Parents & Friends for Lesbians & Gays
Phone 503 232 7676
Website: pflag.org/

Parry Center
Phone 503 234 9591


Community Test Site (HIV testing)
Phone 503 248 3775
Website: multnomah.lib.or.us/health/contprev.html

Health Help/Neighborhood Health
Phone 503 288 5995

La Clinica de Buena Salud
Phone 503 248 3991

Multnomah County Health Info & Referral
Phone 503 248 3816

North Portland Nurse Practioner
Phone 503 284 5239
Website: clinicoflastresort.org

Oregon Health Plan Info
Phone 1-800-359 9517
Website: omap.hr.state.or.us

Planned Parenthood
Phone 503 775 0861
Website: ppcw.org

Bradley Angle House
Phone 503 281 2442 (24 hour confidential hotline)
Website: bradleyangle.org

Clackamas Women's
Phone 503 654 2288 (24 hour confidential hotline)

Domestic Violence Resource
Phone 503 469 8620

El Programo Hispano
Phone 503 669 8350

Portland Women's Crisis
Phone 503 235 5333 (24 hour confidential hotline)

Programa de Mujers
Phone 503 232 4448
Website: ohdc.org

Rafael House
Phone 503 222 6222 (24 hour confidential hotline)

Volunteers of America
Phone 503 232 6562

West Women's & Child
Phone 503 224 7718 (24 hour confidential hotline)

Phone 503 294 7400 (24 hour confidential hotline)
Website: ywca-pdx.org

24 Hour Crisis and Hotlines

Child Abuse Reporting
Phone 503 731 3100

Portland Womens Crisis
Phone 503 235 5333

General Shelter

Albina Ministerial Alliance
Phone 503 285 0493

Friendly House
Phone 503 228 4335

Neighborshare (Tigard)
Phone 503 598 0505

West Women's and Child
Phone 503 224 7718

YWCA, St. John's
Phone 503 721 6760

Youth Shelters

Boys and Girls Aid
Phone 503 222 9661

Phone 503 222 9661
Website: boysandgirlsaid.org

Greenhouse (Salvation Army)
Phone 503 233 8111

Harry's Mother
Phone 503 233 8111

Outside In
Phone 503 223 4121
Website: outsidein.org

White Shield (pregnant teens)
Phone 503 239 1248

Substance Abuse and Self-Help Groups

Alano Club
Phone 503 222 5756
Website: portlandalano.org

Phone 503 292 1333

Alcohol and Drug Helpline
Phone 503 244 1312
Website: orpartnership.org

Alcoholics Anonymous
Phone 503 223 8569
Website: aa.org/english/US_CtrOffice/or.html

Cocaine Anonymous
Phone 503 256 1666

Live and Let Live Club
Phone 503 238 6091

Narcotics Anonymous
Phone 503 284 1787
Website: hevanet.com/portna

Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Phone 503 224 0075

Mainstream Youth
Phone 503 234 3400
Website: tvcenters.org

Native American Rehabilitation Association
Phone 503 231 2804

Project for Community Recovery
Phone 503 281 2804
Website: ccmhportland.shopallamerica.com

Project STOP
Phone 503 230 9654

Teen Parent/Pregnancy

Boys and Girls Aid Society
Phone 503 222 9661
Website: boysandgirlsaid.org

Insites Teen Parent Program
Phone 503 239 6996

White Shield
Phone 503 239 1248

Emergency Food

Phone 503 233 5533

NE Emergency Food
Phone 503 284 5470

Salvation Army
Phone 503 239 1226

St. Vincent DePaul
Phone 503 235 8431

Sunshine Division
Phone 503 823 2102
Website: sunshinedivision.org

Sunshine Division, Holiday Help
Phone 503 823 2169 (holiday help)
Website: sunshinedivision.org

Toy & Joy Makers (toys only)
Phone 503 665 5655 (holiday help)

William Temple House
Phone 503 226 3021

Culturally Specific Services

Albina Ministerial Alliance
Phone 503 285 0493

Asian Family Center
Phone 503 235 9396
Website: irco.org

Campfire Hispanic
Phone 503 224 7800
Website: portlandcampfire.org

Cascade AIDS Project
Phone 503 223 5907
Website: cascadeaids.org

El Programo Hispano
Phone 503 669 8350

Hispanic Access
Phone 503 236 9670

Immigrant & Refugee Community
Phone 503 234 1541
Website: irco.org

Jewish Family and Child Serves
Phone 503 226 7079
Website: jfcs-portland

Love Makes A Family (LGBTQ)
Phone 503 228 3892
Website: lmfamily.org

Lutheran Family Services
Phone 503 231 7480

Sexual Minority Parents Advise Group
Phone 503 471 1522

Sexual Minority Youths Recreation Center
Phone 503 872 9664

Sexual Minority Youths Services Network
Phone 503 228 3892

SOAR (refugee support and assistance)
Phone 503 284 3002

Gay Yellow Pages (LGBTQ)
Phone 202 674 0120
Website: gayellowpages.com

Lavender Womyn (Lesbian social group in Salem)
Phone 503 581 5102
Website: lavenderwomyn.com

The original resource list was possible through the hard work of Tirssa of the SMPAG. Thank You Tirssa, we appreciate your time and energy.

Who's Who at

Board of Directors

Love Makes A Family, Inc. has a Board of Directors that sets policy, approves program, and approves broad program outlines.


A word from the staff: Love Makes A Family is not just our job, it is our work. It's what we're doing with our lives to try to make the world better for those who will follow us.

Key Volunteers

Volunteers at Love Makes A Family, Inc. keep our organization alive. This year, volunteers created our webpage and upgraded our computers and networking capabilities. Our new Washington County Parents' and Kids' Group was founded at the initiative of volunteers.

Get Involved With


Membership in Love Makes a Family is open to all who support our goals.


If you would like to make a difference in the LGBTG community, please consider being a volunteer at Love Makes a Family. We can always use with a variety of help and skills.

Email List

Please join our email list to receive announcements and news about Love Makes A Family. We may forward along some information important to LGBTQ families, but we will keep this to a minimum.


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