Breast Enhancement Tea: Is There Such Thing?

October 12th, 2012

A woman’s breast is a beautiful thing. It is one of the major characteristics that define a woman. As such, it is quite remarkable that there are many women who are obsessed with the size of their breasts. If they feel that their breasts are not adequate, they would work very hard to look for ways in order to increase the size of their breasts.

This includes pills, exercises, diets as well as breast implants. However, there is a special new way wherein women can actually increase the size of their breasts safely. These are breast enhancement teas.

These special teas contain ingredients that help enhance a woman’s breasts. In fact, they are very effective that they have grown popular over the years.

The science behind it:

Basically, breast enhancement tea is an herbal application. Every manufacture has their own combination of ingredients that effectively help the body develop bigger breasts. Certain herbs that are known to help improve breast size are processed and treated and mixed with other similar herbs in order to come up with a drinkable tea that helps enhances the breasts.

Sometimes, these herbs are mixed with traditional teas in order to give the woman an invigorating tea drink that at the same makes her breasts larger.

The expected results:

The effects of these teas vary from woman to woman. One cannot expect the thinking that if they drink more of this kind of teas, they will get bigger breasts. It still comes down to body chemistry and other factors.

As such, women who drink these teas on a regular basis shouldn’t worry about getting breast size increases that are proportional to the amount of tea that they drank.


A cursory online search can yield many brands and herbal tea products that make the claim that they help promote breast size. This means one can say that breast enhancement teas are readily available.

However, one should understand that availability does not necessarily mean authenticity. This is because it is easy to claim having a breast enhancement tea on sale and harder to prove that one’s breast enhancement tea is effective.

As such, it is highly recommended that one do some research first before trying out a particular breast enhancement tea.

It is not yet endorsed by government scientific regulators:

At present, breast enhancement teas are classified as herbal teas. This means no government sanctioned study has yet confirmed that these teas actually help improve breast size.

The best that the government can offer right now is to guarantee that these herbal teas are safe to drink. Other than that, women are left to do their own experiments. Until a conclusive study is made, this will be the current situation during the foreseeable future.

In order to keep safe, it is better to consult your doctor first before using a particular breast enhancement tea. The doctor can then evaluate if the ingredients of the tea will guarantee safety for you.

It is always better to be safe than sorry especially with potential health problems.

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Scar Removal Options That You Will Seldom Hear

October 6th, 2012

Most people who have problems about getting rid of scars are definitely willing to try out anything to help them get rid of their scars. There are conventional ways on how to treat scars but there are also tons of out of the ordinary ways of treating scars.

In case the ordinary way of treating scars do not work, there are always great options for people to choose from, here are few of the out of this world scar removal options:

  • Try mixing sandalwood with a few drops of rosewater and try to make a paste. When the sandalwood and rosewater paste is made, it can then be used by people as a facial mask. It is important to apply the paste on the scarred area and wear it overnight for best results. Try to make sure to wash the past the next day and after continued use, the difference would be felt. The good thing about sandalwood is the fact that it has a cooling effect so there is no stinging or painful effect when applying it on the scarred area.
  • Olive oil is also a must try because it is not only known to be used in terms of making the food a lot nutritious and delicious but it is also known to help minimize the appearance of scars. The best way to go about this is to massage olive oil on the scarred area of the skin. Olive oil is known to contain moisturizing properties that are known to softens the texture of the skin and then reduce the visibility of acne scars.
  • Fenugreek is also amongst the list of the most effective and out of this world solution to treat acne scars. People can also try making a paste out of fenugreek leaves. The paste can also be used as a facial mask or on any part of the body that is scarred. This concoction is definitely a good one in terms of treating acne scars.
  • Egg whites are also great ways to treat scars. This may not seem to be a popular treatment but for those who are on a budget, this is always something that they could try. Try to dab egg whites on the scarred areas of the body and be sure to leave it overnight so it would treat acne scars fast.
  • Lastly, another out of this world way of treating scars would be by way of using lemon juice. Lemon juice is acidic which is why it is a popular choice in terms of making a dark scar a bit lightened. With continued use of lemon juice, the scars would definitely lessen.

These are few of the out of this world scar removal options that people could consider. In terms of treating scars, people do not really have a choice since most of them wish to try out new things since this might help them treat their scars fast.

To those who wish new ways to treat scars, these things might help.

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Can Good Hygiene Prevent Acne?

September 25th, 2012

There is no denying that one of the things that afflict many teenagers today is acne information. These reddish bumps on the skin certainly take a toll on the appearance and self-esteem of those unlucky teens that have them.

In fact, teenagers who have acne are often the object of bullying in school. The sad thing is that some acne formations are just hard to get rid of, no matter how intensive the treatment is. Well, this is because, in some cases, acne is caused by hormones.

However, in most cases, the root of acne formation is the clogging of the pores and production of sebum. So, in order for you to get rid of the excess oil and the dirt that clog the pores, it is important that you maintain a good hygiene and maintain the cleanliness of your facial skin.

After all, because of the dirt and the excess oil, acne-causing bacteria can proliferate and make your acne muster.

Wash Your Face with Mild Soap or Facial Wash

While it is true that the best way to deal with acne is the use of certain antibiotics that can either be taken orally or applied topically, there is no denying that washing your face with a mild soap or facial wash is a great help.

This is because soaps or facial washes can get rid of the excess oil and skin. If you don’t wash your skin, and you already have acne, you can rest assured that your acne will stay or aggravate.

If sebum and dirt clog the pores, new acne can develop. Washing your facial skin regularly can also get rid of the dead skin cells that also contribute to the clogging of the pores.

However, make sure that you don’t wash your skin too much; too much washing of the facial skin can deplete it with its natural oil that can make the skin dry.


Apart from washing your face with soap or facial wash, it would also help you a lot if you also clean your face with some astringent. However, make sure that your astringent doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that can further cause harm to your facial skin.

Furthermore, make sure that it will not react with the topical cream or ointment that you use for the treatment of your acne.

On the whole, astringents can help you prevent the formation of more acne because they contain certain components that can kill the bacteria that cause acne formation.

Clean Beddings

You have to realize, though, that washing and cleaning your face are not enough for you to avoid the proliferation of your acne.

Even if you take medication for your acne, and no matter how hard you maintain the cleanliness of your skin by washing it often with soap or facial wash and astringent, your facial skin is totally not safe if you use unclean beddings.

If your pillow, blanket, and bed sheets are dirty, and you sleep with them for, let’s say 6 hours at least every night, the probability that the bacteria from these beddings can grow on your skin as the blanket, pillow case, or bed sheet touches your facial skin.

Now, who says that cleanliness has nothing to do with acne prevention?

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Benefiting from Breast Enhancement

March 18th, 2012

There are a lot of women all over the world who are rather discontent with their physiques, and would want to enhance them in every way possible.

One of the most common areas on a woman’s body that receives some form of enhancement is the pair of breasts they’ve got on their chests. To a woman, having a bigger, perkier set of breasts can truly be a boost to their confidence levels.

While they may have been the butt of jokes during their teen years, men would end up desiring them as they get older. Having a full bosom is something many women aspire to have, and is something that’s made achievable with breast enhancement methods.

There are a lot of them to be considered, with surgery being the most common example. While this process is something which can be rather expensive, the benefits can be tremendous to a woman.

They’ll certainly feel better about their own physiques and would instantly become the object of many men’s affections and desires, thus making them feel sexier about themselves.

Below are some benefits to be had when a woman wishes to undergo breast augmentation, whether through natural or surgical means.

  • A boost in self esteem – As stated before, a woman who has a perky set of breasts will certainly feel good about herself. Instead of having to wear rather loose tops that serve the purpose of hiding a relatively flat chest, women can now fill out their bras properly. They’d also get to showcase their womanly curves in ways that men would not stop looking at. Having a proportionate figure will truly make her feel comfortable with her body image, especially when not every woman in the world is born the same and will get to develop the same kind of physiques as they get older. The gorgeousness that can be evident with enhanced breast size can definitely go a long way in giving a woman the amount of confidence she needs to function better in a society which places full emphasis on physical beauty.
  • Improvements in breast volume after drastic physical changes – Many women undergo certain bodily changes which can affect the appearance of their breasts, and these can either be child birth, weight loss or even some kind of traumatic experience such as breast cancer or injuries. With breast improvement methods, a woman can regain the natural volume of her breasts, which then leads to a better looking bosom that’s more bountiful and fuller looking.
  • The dreams of attaining an ideal cup size – Men want to see women with perkier and bigger breasts, and the women wish to acquire these for themselves. If they’ve had flat chests all their lives, they can simply increase their cup size, thus leading not only to impressing themselves but their admirers as well.

These are the top benefits for women who would want to undergo breast enhancement. Women everywhere can certainly feel better about themselves with a nicer pair of breasts.

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7 Scar Removal Secrets

December 24th, 2011

Many people aim to have flawless skin which is why a lot of people these days are in search for the best scar removal product. The thing is, with tons of products to choose from, it is really hard to find the best ones that could really do the job.

To those who are looking for the best scar removal secrets, here are some things to try which are commonly used by skin care experts:

  • Silicone Gel- this is one of the newest tricks that people could try if they really wish to get rid of their scars. The good thing about this product is the fact that it helps dark scars lighten up fast. It might be new but it promises its user clearer and lighter scars overtime and with continued use, people would certainly say goodbye to scars and say hello to having flawless skin.
  • Aloe Vera- this is also a great way to treat scars. People can choose from the real thing or buy over the counter Aloe Vera products or gels. Aloe Vera contains tons of ingredients which are known to help treat scars. It is also known to help treat some other diseases which are why it is commonly known as the miracle plant. By using Aloe Vera Gel, people could know see how fast they could treat their scars.
  • Balanced Diet- this is also very important because having a balanced diet would help people have healthier skin. A person who has healthy skin is more likely to heal scars fast as compared to those people who have very poor diet. People who eat lots of fruits and vegetables would have more chances of getting rid of their scars because of the antioxidants that are usually found in fruits and veggies.
  • Chemical Peels- this is also one of the commonly chosen options because it helps get rid of the old skin and dead skin cells. When the peeling chemical is used, the person using it would have to go through the peeling stage first before they would see the difference. After a few tries, the improvement on the skin is definitely a lot more visible.
  • Vitamin E gel- people tend to take vitamin e but what most people do not know is the fact that Vitamin E works well if it is pricked and applied on the scarred area. Vitamin E helps lighten the scars so to those who wish to get rid of their scars, this is also one of the best options to try.
  • Laser Treatments- these are the more advanced way of treating scars although such procedure would usually entail spending a lot of money. The good thing about this treatment is the fact that it is reliable and highly effective
  • Surgery- if all other options people could still have surgery which is the last resort. This is usually done by people who have deep scars caused by accidents and cannot be treated by simple treatments.

These are 7 scar removal secrets that people could check out to help them get rid of their scars.

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Common Misconceptions about Acne

September 13th, 2011

There is no denying that acne is one problem that many teenagers have a hard time dealing with. After all, good physical appearance is important to most teenagers.

With the many creams, ointments, and oral medications that are promoted to curb acne in the market today, it seems that dealing with acne these days is a great deal easier than how it was in the past. It is ironic, though, that, despite being the Internet era, when information is a lot easier to obtain, there are still some people who practice silly things in order to deal with their acne.

Some even deprive themselves of the pleasures of life, thinking that it will make the acne disappear.

Staying Away from Chocolates, Potato Chips, and Peanuts

One of the biggest misconceptions about acne is that they are caused by eating too much chocolate, peanuts, or potato chips. While it is true that these edibles are rich in oil, and one of the culprits for acne production is too much oil production of the skin, there is no scientific evidence that links the above-mentioned to the formation of acne.

If you are one of these people who believe that eating chocolates, peanuts, or potato chips can lead to the formation of acne, it is high time that you changed your thinking. Bear in mind that acne is primarily caused by bacteria, clogged skin pores due to dead skin cells and dirt, or too much production of oil by the skin.

So, set yourself free from the constraint of eating these foods. After all, if they are eaten in moderation they can benefit your health.

Pricking the Acne is the Easiest Way to Make it Disappear

Now, you can’t deny the fact that, at one point, you have pricked, or at least been tempted, to prick your acne because you believed that doing so would help you eradicate it, right?

While it is true that pricking your acne can make you disappear it almost instantaneously, the truth of the matter is that it is NEVER safe. In fact, if you do so, you are only doing something that you will certainly regret when you grow old; pricking your acne can develop to deep scars that will be difficult to hide when you grow old.

Furthermore, pricking the acne can leave a wound that will only encourage bacteria to proliferate. So, the next time you feel the urge to prick your acne, by all means, stop yourself!

Using a Cosmetic Concealer Can Hide the Acne

It is common for many people, especially the women, to cover their acne with a cosmetic concealer. While it is true that, at times, this is a necessary things to do, especially if there is a special occasion.

However, this becomes wrong if you make it a habit. For instance, even if you just stay home, or before you go to bed, you try to use a concealer. Bear in mind that this cosmetic contain components that may irritate your skin.

Furthermore, it can clog the pores of your skin, thus, the acne can form even more.

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